180 mm Nikon EDAF Wide Field Assembly

The 180 mm Nikon EDAF Wide Field Assembly shown above with the Mandel Wide Field Adapter. I designed and machined several parts to complete
this assembly. The lens itself is mounted in a Parallax 3" O.D. standard hinged ring that has it's I.D. reduced by a hard rubber liner and top layer of felt to match the
O.D. of the lens barrel just perfectly when the ring is in compression. The mounting ring is bolted through a tall aluminum block and L-shaped base plate to a Losmandy
doveplate adapter. The Robo-Focus motor is attached to a bracket with slotted holes in its base to accommodate tensioning of the cog belt, which is a 160XL037 Gates
Powerbelt available for purchase from McMaster-Carr Corporation. Finally, a short bar with two through holes is bolted to the L-shaped base plate. This bar is for anchoring
CCD camera cables, which helps to reduce the forces on both the camera connections and the Mandel Wide Field Adapter.

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Wide Field Assembly mounted on Takahashi FSQ-106