Mobile Command Center
Waiting for dark In California's White Mountains
Cables from the telescope are routed across the green carpet
and up through a bulkhead fitting to the dining area. The bulkhead
fitting can be seen above and left of the trailer tire. The green carpeting
helps to keep down the dust, keeping things neat and tidy in dusty locales..


View of the dining room area with laptop computer on the table.
On wall below window are receptacles for 110V power.
Looking toward the front of the trailer. The couch pulls out into a full
size bed and the storage space above is great for gear. The door on
the left is to the bathroom and shower.

The kitchen area is fully equipped a with range, oven,
microwave and sink to make extended
trips a comfortable experience.

A refrigerator/freezer has storage for a several day trip.
Equipped with an AM/FM/Tape/CD Player and four
speakers located around trailer for good stereo sound.


There are two power receptacles located by the kitchen table. The left
one is used when the trailer is hooked up to 120 VAC, the right one
when generating 120 VAC from an on board inverter. I run my
laptop computer from the right outlet when at remote sites.
A lightweight, portable 1 Kw Honda generator supplies enough power to
recharge trailer and astronomy-related batteries during the day and
operate the microwave oven.